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When it comes to the subject of dog coats , it’s no surprise to see individuals question the relevance of dressing up dogs in dog clothes by pet owners. It seems redundant to them since the pet already has a natural piece of clothing in the form of fur coat.

However, apart from the fact that dressing up your dog in dog coats is trendy, it’s also paramount to note that a lot of present-day dogs species are descendants of dogs bred almost entirely for their aesthetic value. With this in mind it’s not difficult to see that many of them have lost their innate resilience to the harsh environment we live in, and hence need an added layer of protection to shield them from the elements.

  • In summary dog coats function to:
  • Beautify and adorn dogs, and give them an aura of style and sophistication
  • obviate the need for regular cleaning and grooming
  • Prevent diseases and avert the spread of parasites.
  • Keep your dog warm and comfortable.
  • Provide protection against the elements

So whether you’re seeking for protection or just looking to make a style statement, there’s a vast collection of cute coats for Man’s best friend, sure to grant you maximum satisfaction.

What are dog coats and how to purchase it in United Kingdom ?

Dog coats are a signature piece of fashion, designed to give your dog a stunning appearance whilst providing luxuriant protection. When deciding on which type to purchase for your dog, it’s important to take note of the following things.

  1. Dog size when buying coat for him
    The body size of your dog will determine the fit of the coat that best suits your dog. Traditionally smaller dogs tend to fit more perfectly into smaller sizes clothes than bigger ones.
  2. Amount of natural Fur coat
    If you own a dog with a thick fur coat, you’ll be looking to purchase product designed for dog that are made of thinner fabric to enhance ventilation and reduce the chances of overheating. For dogs with little or no fur coat, thicker dog coats ensure they are shielded from cold especially in the winter.
  3. Natural weather conditions prevalent in your locality
    If you live in a predominantly hot environment, it is advisable to get a Dog coat with thinner consistency. The reverse is the case for individuals that live in colder regions.
  4. Receptivity of your Dog to new ideas.
    Not all dogs are so much into fashion and trying new things, and  coats might just end up stressing your dog. It’s easier to train a younger dog to get accustomed to hid body protector than would be an older one. However, experience has shown that some dogs just need a little coercing and positive reinforcement to adopt a new style.

Selecting the right Dog Coat

Dog Coats in United KingdomGood dog coats are made of several types of fabric, including wool, cotton leather and acrylic. While wool offers the best insulation, it doesn’t proffer much comfort. This is particularly important, for dogs with little or no fur coat, as woollen coats tend to irritate bare skin. Product made out of cotton, on the other hand, do not possess the insulating capabilities of woollen dog coats. In the end, the right  is usually a blend of more than one materials.

Another important thing to consider are the attachments of the dog felt. It’s typical to see different forms of accessories linked to the dog fleece, from tags to buttons, hooks or even zippers. Make sure these cannot be chewed off by the dog.
Once the choice of material is selected, the next thing is to measure your dog this assists you in choosing the right fit. Getting the right fit is essential as it ensures that the dog’s protective covering is neither too big, in which case it’ll drag on the ground, nor too small in which case it’s sure to induce irritation and restrict movement. To get the best fit, start by measuring the circumference of the neck, then measure around the largest part of the trunk, also measure the distance from the neck to the waist and finally measure your dog’s weight.

Taking care of your dog’s coat

Because dog coats are relatively small, it is sometimes tricky to wash them. A practical approach is to soak the coat for long periods of time, to ensure that dirt in hard to reach places are dissolved out, after soaking it becomes way easier simply wash out all stains. For dog clothes made with materials like leather, it’s advisable just to clean regularly. So if you have decided to purchase dog coats in UK, we may have good propositions for you below. Take a bit of time to check latest coats available for your doggy.

Example dog coats available in the UK market

Buy Waterproof Dog Coats UK

Waterproof Dog Coat [Vest]

5 out of 5

If that is not enough for you , here is a short movie how to knit dog coat if you like handmade items . There is only one problem. You have to know how to do it.

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